Vision and Values

Vision and Values

Vision Statement:
We envision a worshipping, maturing, and growing community of Faith and family that believes, applies, and is faithful to the Bible and it’s teachings while seeking to presently engage Ohio County, Daviess County, and the modern world with the message, love, and ministry of Jesus Christ

Mission Statement: Going, Growing, Glorifying

Going on Mission for God by volunteering in at least one area of ministry and service at Living Faith, which allows a person to use their spiritual gift for God.

Growing for God by being involved and committed to Sunday School and Small Group Ministries which enhances biblical community and discipleship for Jesus Christ.

Glorifying God by being faithful and committed to the Sunday morning and Wednesday Night worship services and supporting the church financially through tithes and offerings, which will enhance the glory of God in one’s life and church.

Core Values:

Bible- therefore we will believe, preach, and teach, the Bible as truth and apply the Biblical purposes of Worship, Evangelism, Discipleship, Fellowship, and Ministry to our lives and church.

Outreach- therefore we will invest into community outreach, assimilation, personal evangelism, mission trips, and the Cooperative Program through praying, participation, and giving

Contemporary Worship- therefore we will offer modern and casual worship services to remove barriers and hindrances to worshipping Christ.

Hospitality- therefore we will strive to create a welcoming, loving, clean, generous, and caring environment to aid the worship experience

Relevance-therefore we will yearly evaluate all ministries and programs for Biblical content, effectiveness, and seek to be open to other Biblical methods, ministries, ideas, and programs as God leads.

Community- therefore we will strive to offer Sunday School, Small Groups, and church activities to connect the Body of Christ together for the purpose of fellowship and discipleship

The Generations- therefore we will encourage all generations to work together to pave the way for future Generations to come to Jesus Christ

Faith- therefore we will trust God in both the little and the small by taking wise council from the scriptures and intentional steps