Small Groups

Small Groups

At Living Faith, we believe in the value of spritual growth and discipleship within small groups of fellow believers
Our Summer Small Group Semester Starts May 29th

“The Coming Of The One: clearly foretold, missed by many” led by Mike and Sheri Boling

Today’s world has conditioned us to expect instant gratification. We have become a population that has forgotten the disciplines gained from waiting. Come take this Journey with us through the many prophecies that pointed to the coming of Jesus Christ. Light. Defender. Champion. Healer. Eternal Priest. Shepherd. Cornerstone. These are a few prophecies Jesus fulfilled. Come join us in this lesson and understand the fulfilled prophecy and the impact it has on YOU.

“Chase the Goose” led by John Abney and Nathan Phelps

Take hold of the passions God has put in all of our hearts, while learning about the very nature of God Himself in the process. True Goose-chasers will study the lives of Nehemiah, Moses, Abraham, Peter, Paul, and Jonathan as they learn to leave behind the cages of responsibility, routine, guilt, failure, assumptions, and fear that have held us back in the past. Chase the Goose is an opportunity to join the journey of never knowing where you’ll end up, who you’ll meet, or what you can do as you follow the Holy Spirit into the spiritual adventure God has planned for all Christ-followers.

“The Family’s Heart” Ten Actions that will make your family and church stronger led by Stacey Small

After 25 times of repetition of an action it becomes habit. Think how easy it would be for us to become more active in our walk with the Lord just by practicing it a few times. This is an easy read and study that suggests great ideas and actions that will help our families become stronger Christians both in our homes as well as in our church. Even the Foreword is an enjoyable to read !

“Game Plan for Life” Your Personal Playbook for Success led by Lori and Clint Main

Three-time Super Bowl winner, NFL Hall of Fame coach, and three-time NASCAR champion Joe Gibbs has assembled a team of experts to tackle the key areas of life that are needed in order to lead a victorious life. Based on a national survey, the Gibbs team has identified the most important issues that we face.

“5 Things that God uses to Grow your Faith” led by Kevin and Theresa Burt

Imagine how different your outlook on life would be if you had absolute confidence that God was with you. Imagine how differently you would respond to difficulties, temptations, and even good things if you knew with certainty that God was in all of it and was planning to leverage it for good. In other words, imagine what it would be like to have PERFECT faith. Andy Stanley builds a biblical case for five things God uses to grow BIG faith.

‘Putting on the Armor” Equipped and Deployed for Spiritual Warfare led by Nick and Pam Maiden

Putting on the Armor is an excellent 7-session study for new and growing believers seeking practical application of personal spiritual disciplines in order to defeat the enemy in times of temptation. This study does not offer “cures” for any temptation, but does lay out the path to victory for every believer. Author Chuck Lawless believes that Ephesians 6:10-20 gives us clear direction on how to fight the enemy and how to develop and demonstrate effective Christian living.

“Fireproof your Marriage” led by Joey and Tabitha Burt

This study uses the film “Fireproof” to help build strong, God-centered relationships. “Fireproof Your Marriage” will challenge couples to keep their marriages “God-Focused” while being committed to each other.